POCT - Software download

There are two pieces of software required for the POCT connection to work:

  1. The USB device driver software; click here
     (v 2.14, released 21st May, 2014)
  2. The 'Stub App', the software which handles the results files; click here.
    (v 1.2.0, released 21st May, 2014)

Once you've obtained these pieces of software, please reference the Installation Guide which will walk you through the steps required to get the software running.

For most installations, this may form part of the install / training conducted by sales staff from either Roche or Enigma. It would be unusual for end-users to have to perform this by themselves.

For Medtech users, there is an additional user guide showing how to map the results from your inbox into your various screening terms (this makes the results usable for other third party tools). Click here for that document. 9 9129100
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