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Enigma has recently undertaken a joint development project with Roche Diagnostics, New Zealand. In an effort to provide improved linkage and to aid the further use of results generated by Roche's cobas b 101 point of care test unit, Enigma has developed a software solution which interfaces with the cobas b 101 device and handles the results from the unit.

How the solution works

Once the test results have been generated by the POCT device they are displayed on the screen and held in memory. It is possible for you to up-lift these results from the screen or even print them using an attached printer. Enigma became directly involved because of the further possible use of these results within Predict. It was also felt that if the results could be used without anyone needing to transpose and re-enter the values that it provided a more seamless and safer means for the results to be used.

Some key points:

  • The NHI is always required and is entered into the device before the bloods are taken and before the tests are run.
  • After the test are run the device will communicate (through USB) to a locally attached computer (this requires that both a USB device driver for the cobas unit is installed as well as Enigma's 'stub-application').
  • The Stub-app is responsible for talking to the cobas device and requesting the results from the device. It downloads the results and holds the results locally on the computer's disk.
    • It then uses a secured internet connection to communicate those results into a centralised clearing house service (operated by Enigma).
  • The clearing house makes use of user accounts (associated with each device) to know what to do with the results and in a controlled manner will make the results and values available to authorised Predict users.
    • Authorised users are those associated with the user account which uploaded the results.
    • The results are available instantly within Predict, they are located with the Patient's NHI.
  • The clearing house then takes care of one other, very important function, it creates standards based lab messages and sends them through HealthLink to the practice where the tests were conducted. Using this method we can be sure that the results are made available to the provider in the normal, formal manner, that they will be seen by the relevant provider, and that they will be filed appropriately against the Patient's PMS record. 
    • This feature works independently of Predict, and it also reasonably PMS agnostic, any of the NZ PMS systems which are capable of receiving labs and filing them will be able to make use of these results.
    • Labs can be mapped to internal values within the PMS systems; by doing this the result values can then be used widely throughout the PMS. 
      • In Medtech, it would be normal to add an 'Inbox -> Screening' mapping, in order for the results to automatically get filed into the Screening Terms.
      • Mappings can be achieved in similar ways within MyPractice and also within Profile. We would expect any NZ based PMS system would be capable of filing results in a similar manner.

Supported devices

Currently we interface with the Roche, cobas b 101 device. This unit is capable of generating a full Lipid Panel, and HbA1c (mmol/mol) result at the point of care. It can generate both sets of these results in approximately 11-12 minutes. This makes the unit extremely suitable for direct engagement with patients within the 'More Heart and Diabetes checks' programme.

  • More complete details, and official marketing material for the cobas b 101 device can be found here.
  • The cobas international site is here.
  • Roche Diagnostics (NZ) can be found here.

Existing Customers / Downloads

If you're an existing customer and wish to download the software, please visit this page, here.

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